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About Ning Hou

I have been an artist for 41 years. In that time, I have learned that the word respect sums up all that is good in people and in this wonderful universe we share. Respect for nature, life, other people, their ideas, struggles, cultures, and beliefs. It has been said that the most beautiful and important things in life cannot be seen, made, nor heard, but are thought in the mind, felt in the soul and breathed in the spirit. I hope that my paintings touch people and activate these feelings and evoke thoughts of respect for the wonder and sacredness of life, nature, and spirit.

I have spent my entire life studying all the major artists and art periods in history, including African, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract, Surreal, Modern and the vast wonders not covered by labels and era. Some of my favorite artists are Rembrandt, Vermeer, Da Vinci, Jackson Pollack, and Picasso.

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I came to the United States at the age of 26, alone, but imbued with an American attitude that from a free country, I could exhaust my goals. For me it was the opportunity to offer my art, my perseverance, and my vision of beauty and peace to all who may find it through my art. I am living the American dream of doing what one loves to do in one's heart. For me it is art with intention.

I believe that the highest ideal for anyone to achieve is to make a difference in this world. If one person has a way to bring to others an increased respect and appreciation for life, love and our miraculous existence then they have accomplished something important to all. I have former students who have become artists all over the world, some of whom are expanding the landscape of art in Germany, France, Japan, Brazil and Turkey. In addition, people from all over the world have purchased my art.

I have learned from many, but nature is the most mysterious, enlightening, and inspiring teacher. My goal is that through my paintings, others will see, hear, feel and most importantly, live the beauty that makes up the natural world we live in. Nature shows me beauty, truth and respect, not in words, but in thoughts, feelings and sensations. I hope when you see my artwork that you find this to be true.

Thank you

RESPECT: Noun. Regard, honor, esteem, appreciation, admiration, recognition, reverence, veneration, awe. Adjective. Deferential, courteous, polite, admiring, attentive, reverential, highly regarded, valued, important. Verb. Think well of, admire, pay one's respects, welcome, to take off one's hat.


Ning Hou was born in 1957 in Shanghai, China. He received his BA degree from the Shanghai Art Institute. He was instructed by noted Chinese artists Chang Show Wu, principal of Fine Arts Institute, Chinese Painting College and Director of Shanghai Artists Association; Yan Wan Leong, a silver medal winner of Paris, France, in the 1930's; and Liu Hai Su. He has also learned from numerous other contemporary artists as well.

Ning arrived in the United States in 1983 to pursue his career in art at the Academy of Art College where he graduated with his MFA from the Academy of Art College, June 1986.